How to keep your specs in shape!

Hey all! The first blog was very well received so I think I am going to try to do this more with some basic topics on the eyes and eyewear. Last time we got you caught up on how those contact lenses should be replaced and if you didn’t read it, go do it!

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about glasses. I love glasses and so should you. They are an incredible way to show who you are and show your style. Too many people look at solely the functional nature of glasses but they can be so much more than that! They are a reflection of you! I like to make the comparison to shoes. Of course, shoes serve a purpose but they also give people a glimpse into who you are and what you like and maybe a bit of what your personality is like! Anyway, enough ranting on my love of glasses, lets get to what I want to talk about today and that is how to keep those beautiful spectacles in the best shape possible!

There are a lot of factors involved in keeping your specs like new and some you may have not even considered. 

The first thing is to make sure you get a frame that fits you well. They need to fit you like a glove in fact! A well fitting frame is much less likely to fall off your face and end up on the ground. This can obviously result in damage to the frame and the lenses so we want them to remain on your face. How the bridge of the frame fits to the bridge of your nose is a crucial fit factor that often gets overlooked. Whether it is an acetate (plastic) frame that rests directly on your nose or a frame with nose pads it needs to be perfect to sit comfortably for a full day. We will make sure your frame fits you like a glove. 

The correct width of the frame is also crucial in making sure the frame stays on your face and off the ground. If a frame is too wide proportionately for your face not only is it not going to look right it also will be uncomfortable and can distort the vision you get from the lenses in the frame. The temples need to be long enough to give us ample adjustment room behind your ears so that we can anchor the frame and again keep it on your face and off the ground.

Once we have found a frame that fits your style and face perfectly we want them to stay in that shape! Some of this comes down to purchasing good quality frames with plastic or metals that will hold their shape. NOT ALL FRAME MATERIALS ARE CREATED EQUAL FOLKS! 

One way to keep those frames in their appropriate shape is try to keep them off the top of your head! We’ve all done it to get the lenses out of the way whether they are sun lenses or clear lenses but the top of your head is wider than the middle of your head. The temples will stretch out and make the glasses loose. 

Another thing people need to stop doing is taking their glasses off by grabbing one side of the frame, like you would do with one hand. As you pull the frame off with one hand the opposite side gets stretched more and will end up with one temple being wider and looser than the other. We see this all the time! Take your glasses off with two hands by grabbing each temple or by grabbing the bridge of the glasses and pulling straight off. This will allow the glasses to maintain their shape much longer. 

With all this being said even the best fitting glasses need some adjustments from time to time. Heat from your skin can make the materials more pliable and a little tweak here or there can make all the difference in the world with how the lenses fit.

If you’ve gotten your glasses from us and they need a little love or even if you didn’t get them from us and they need a lot of love you are always welcome to bring them by and allow us to work our magic!

See you all soon!